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—Online Crime Reporting System project’s main idea is to implement an automated software application for maintaining the proper common
people complaints of different police departments. By using this application people who are afraid or don’t have enough time to go police station for
complaint about their personal legal issues here they
can give their complaint through online to register any type of complaint.

Crime reporting has long been a central part of news coverage in free press societies, because
crime stories are usually newsworthy. There are several reasons why you should report crime and why people want to read about or listen to stories of crime:  Readers or listeners often want an explanation
of why crimes happen. They ask: “Could it happen to me?” They may want to know so
that they can prevent a similar thing happening to themselves.  Your readers and listeners need to know how laws are broken, and how people who break
laws are caught and punished. This helps them understand what laws are and what the penalties for breaking them are.  Most people obey the law, so crime stories are about unusual events – one of the criteria for news.  Some people are interested in the way criminals get something without much effort. For example, although a gang of crooks may spend weeks or months planning a robbery to net them $100,000, it might take ordinary workers many years of effort to earn that much legally. Some crimes may fascinate people who obey the laws but who wonder what it might be like to break them.  Criminals take risks and face punishment if they are caught. This may make them fascinating to read about.

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