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Format: Microsoft Word with Software in PHP  | Pages: 58 Pages | Price: ₦4000 | Chapters: 1-5


Our main focus is design a unique Hospital Management System that will improve
hospital experience for both patients and the hospital authorities. The whole
system will run on internet. The system is written in PHP, java script, jQuery, HTML
and CSS. Users will have the felicity to log in from any place with internet
connection. After that they will be able to various tasks that are designed for them.
Users are categorized in three groups 🙁 Management, Patient and Doctor). The
primary target is to focus on every user who can get our service and get benefitted.
It can be turned into a paid system only for doctors. Where the doctors can get
additional cloud storage on payment. A doctor can have different types of patient
and the number of patients also vary from doctor to doctor. A doctor can have
various number of patients. We can assume that doctors will need different
amount of cloud storage. We can allocate a fixed cloud storage for each doctors.
They can ask for extra storage according their demand and they will be charged for
their demand. We can make various package and assign various cost. The patients
will have some allocated space which they can use to keep their information. As
the patient only needs storage for only themselves they can use this as a free user.
This will make the system useful and more convenient for everyone.

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