With the rise of computer technology, the tremendous work is expected to perform by computer. With the increasing maturity of the programming language that desire can be realized easily,at present the growing number of vehicles has increased this invisible vehicle workload to managers, so the development of a vehicle management system is necessary, the java language-based program under the PHP framework and mysql database are applied in the system. Mysql backend connection is simple, easy to use, easy to understand.The intensity of the work and the tedious workflow to managers will be redused with the use of the vehicle management system,general operation of the vehicle drivers and managers is involved in the system, this systemis not very perfect and there is still space for improvement, It is believed that it will be fully used in the future.

About System

This Vehicle Management System is in PHP and CSS. Talking about the features of the system, it contains the Admin and user sections. From here, the admin can view and edit the records of bookings and vehicles. Also, the admin can manage the drivers from the specific route. The design of this project is pretty simple so that the user won’t find any difficulties while working on it.