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In this competitive technology world the impact of IT contributes major role in all real time systems. Various
management systems implemented for achieving the business organization towards profit, standards, and further
business enhancement. The main aim of this research is implemented a web based system that can secure the
studentsthat are staying under the university accommodation. This system is a well-structured system and easy
to use also provide simple way to accommodate international students giving that more than 70% of students
studying there are international. The languages used to develop this system are C# and scripting language is
HTML and the database is MySQL. The structural design for this system used Microsoft Visio. Authors of this
paper used two types of data gathering techniques which are questionnaire and interview. Nowadays most of the
universities follows the manual system and still some of the standard universities follows automated system for
students accommodation. The special features of this system are allow users to generate report of visitors, view
notification list, generate instant messaging to the visitors, allocate parking and easy payment methods. In future
this system will help the management to provide easy accommodation.

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