supervisor relationship student and supervisor relationship-FINAL YEAR PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS IN NIGERIA


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The general role of your project supervisor is to guide you and assist you the student during the period of writing your Project, your Supervisor ensures the work is written to meet the university standard and adhere to guidelines.

Your Project Supervisor is also the key person in determining how your work is eventually going to be graded by the external supervisor. For most university students, handling a Project Supervisor can be a nightmare because of the already preconceived notion of ” Supervisors” in Nigerian Universities.

supervisor relationship student and supervisor relationship

We are going to help you with few Tips on How to Get the Best from your Project Supervisor, the First step to getting the best from your project supervisor is Understanding their role in your project writing process. They are the key people in determining the success or failure of your project work, from formulation of their research project through establishing methodologies and discussing results, to presentation, a project supervisors role cannot be overemphasized.

Now, here’s few Tips on How to get the Best of your Project Supervisor :-

  1. START ON A GOOD NOTE: The success of a project work is hinged on the nature of your project supervisor and the quality of the communication between the student and the supervisor. A Student who want to get the best out of his or her project supervisor must go out their way to be friendly and nice, As often as you can, inquire about the supervisor’s family, ask to help run an errand or two for the supervisor. This may not guarantee extra marks, during the grading of the project, but it would help to improve the relationship between the student and the Project supervisor.
  2. BE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR PROJECT WORK: The frequency of meeting between student and project supervisor will vary according to the discipline, stage of work and nature of the project among other things, for many, weekly meetings are essential. In no case should interactions be less frequent than once per month. During the period of interaction, the student should show seriousness and willingness to learn and make adjustments where necessary.
  3. Respond in a Timely Manner to Corrections made by your Project Supervisor: This would spur the examiner to take the student more serious when you show more seriousness to your project work.
  4. Make arrange to continuous Supervision when the Supervisor will be absent for Extended periods:  Ask the Supervisor to refer you to another colleague who can assist you during his period of absence, However, if possible, communication can be  continued through the use of social video platforms like “Skype” , “Face-time” and other interaction medium.
  5. Establish Boundaries: Do not call your Project Supervisor at odd hours, Respect their boundaries and expert them to respect yours. Avoid home calls if possible and endeavor to meet in formalized environment. if faced with a particularly randy project supervisor, organize the rest of the students which he/she is supervising and endeavor to go as a group.

With the following 5 tips, you will find your project supervisor very enjoyable, Good-luck.

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